What size beam do I need for 24 foot span?

Hello, guys today we are going to discuss what size beam do I need for 24 foot span. Generally, the beam is made up of RCC (Reinforced cement concrete) in which a steel bar is used. For the beam, M25-grade concrete should have to be used. The beam is also made up of LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber), RSJ (Rolled steel joist), Steel, Timber, and Glulam (Glued laminated timber).

Beam is a load-bearing structure. It transfers all dead and live loads on the column. The beam is also constructed in the roof slab to support the roof slab. If the roof slab span is big and when there is no supporting structure existing to before.

Usually, the size of the beam depends upon the span between two supports. The size of the beam also depends on flexural stresses and shear forces. Because the beam is a structural member of a building. So, the beam size should be the standard size.

The load-carrying capacity of any beam depends on the depth of the beam. Because the width of the beam is not ideal for heavy load-carrying capacity. But the Width and depth of the beam should be in a good ratio. The beam is of many types.

  • Continuous Beam
  • Cantilever Beam
  • Fixed Beam
  • Simply supported beam
  • Overhanging beam
  • Primary Beam
  • Secondary Beam
  • Lintel Beam

In all types of beams, the beam size will be different for a 24-foot span.

What size beam do I need for 24 foot span?

The size of any RCC beam should be minimum 9″ × 9″ (width × depth), or 230mm × 230mm in mm. The size of the beam can increase or decrease according to span and applied load because these are the most important factor to decide the size of the beam.

There are two main methods to determine beam size (width × depth).

  1. Thumb Rule
  2. IS Code 456:2000

1. Thumb rule to determine the beam size

According to the thumb rule, for 1-foot beam span is equal to 1-inch beam depth, and to get the width of the beam we have to divide by 1.5 in the depth of the beam.

We have a span = 24 feet.

So, the beam depth = 24″.

Beam width = depth ÷ 1.5
= 24 ÷ 1.5 = 16 inch.

Therefore, we need a 24″ × 18″ size beam for a 24-foot span according to the thumb rule, Whare 24 inches is the depth of the beam and 18 inches is the width of the beam. In such type of beam, we have to provide four 16mm steel bars at the top of the beam, and four 20mm steel bars at the bottom of the beam. We will have to also provide two 16mm crank bars of Fe500 with stirrup [email protected]″C/C, and In the beam M20 grade of concrete should be used with a 25mm clear cover.

What size beam to span 24 ft

Accordig to thumb rule or IS code 456:2000. 4 nailed 4-2×18 or 2×18 or 8×18 this size of wood beam is suitable for 24 feet span. In this beam size all figure are in inch, and 18″ is the depth of the wood beam. The wood beam should be at least 18″ inches depth and 8 inches width for 24 feet span according to thumb rule.

LVL beam size for a 24 foot span

For 24 foot span size of LVL beam should be at least 12 to 14 inches depth and 4 inches wide. It is best LVL beam size for up to 24 foot span, and it is most commonly used in residential building project. Therefore you will require a standard size of LVL beam that is 4 1/2 × 11 1/4 for 24 foot span. This size LVL beam will provide good strength to your project.

Steel beam size for 24 foot span

According to the thum rule, the size of a steel beam, universal beam, w beam, I beam, or UB’s should be ISMB 350 or UB 350140 (12′′×6′′) or W14 when used for residential building projects or construction, where the depth of the beam section is 350mm (14′′) and the width of the flange or beam is 140mm. This steel beam size is ideal for a 24 foot span under typical load conditions. Although 140mm flange width is employed.

Mathematical calculations like depth of steel beam = (24×12) ÷ 20
= 288 ÷ 20
= 14.4 = 14 inches.

Width of the beam = depth ÷ 2
= 14 ÷ 2 = 7 inches.

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Guys, In this article we have discussed what size beam do I need for 24 foot span. We have also discussed LVL beam size for a 24 foot span, Steel beam size for 24 foot span, and what should be the beam size for 24 foot span.

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