What is Skirting: Types, Purpose, Sizes

Once again welcome all of you who are reading this knowledgeable article related to Skirting. In this article we are going to discuss what is skirting, the types of skirting, the purpose of skirting, and the Sizes of skirting. Skirting gives a perfect look to your wall and room floors.

After setting a tile in any house to save room walls toward flooring there is a need to do skirting. So that walls could stay protected from water while using a mop on the room floors. While the other hand, if you want, to give a royal finish to your floors you can use different styles of skirting with various objects used for skirting. Let me introduce more things about skirting next keep reading.

types of skirting
What is skirting

What is skirting?

When you fix tiles or marble in the floors of our houses you will find that the side wall looks very bad till the height of some inches. Then there is a need for skirting which covers the gap between the walls all around. Previously we used wooden boards to cover the joints or gaps but nowadays we use different types of materials in skirting. Skirting protects our plastered walls while mopping the floors with water or any materials. It provides a pretty look to our floors as well the wall of the rooms.

Types of skirting?

There are so many types of skirting. Some are listed below.

Metal Skirting

In such type of skirting we use metal like the marvelous quality stainless steel. When we use such type of metal for skirting then it looks prosperous and precious. In the modern age, metal skirting is in demand. You can feel the brightness of it. Such types of skirting provide lightness in our house interior.

Although it is good for skirting after some time it got scratched upon it easly and after some time it becomes rough. So be careful if it looks fashionable at first sight but after long use, you have to change it. As well as Installation of metal skirting is so high that experienced labor is mandatory to install it.

Pencil skirting
If you want to give an excellent finish look to your floor then you can use pencil skirting in your houses.  Pencil skirting provides a nice design to your room. Design can be different by your choice. Pencil skirting is to hide gaps and it gives a massive look to your surface. You can make it with a pattern or without a pattern as well. Generally, the pencil’s upper side structure is round in shape.

Wooden skirting

If your house’s floor is made of using marble, tiles, and granites. Wooden skirting gives a rich and classy and glamorous look to your house. It can be a mind-blowing choice for such types of floorings which you have. Wooden skirting can be done on the ceiling, wall, and floor. It can be use for traditional interior decoration of your house. You can find different types of sizes and designs of wooden skirting materials in the market.

Flush skirting

It may be the best option you know why. Because if you want to make skirting on an equal level to the plastered wall surface. It allows us to bring a gorgeous feel and look to our rooms. Flush skirting is not going to accept dust upon it. While other skirting materials or types will not provide you with features like this.

By installing flush skirting your house interior remains good for a long time. As a result, flush skirting gives us dust-free to feel at. such types of skirting provide proper protection to floors. It suits any type of furniture and wall and makes our room good looking.

Dubble layer skirting

These types of skirting give you a pleasant and detailed design for your room. In such type of skirting we use two types of skirting boards and added them together, you can’t see it after installation. It may be costly but it gives you better look.

If you want to get a compact finish in your room then must go for a two-toned skirting style. It is very innovative, When you use double-layered skirting you got an attractive look for your floor as well as your rooms.

Continued skirting

In the continued skirting method skirting goes throughout the all border of your room. It will allow you to make balance in the color combination of your room. It will match the entire interior of your house. Generally, most people use such types of skirting in staircases. It can be a good choice for you.

Colored skirting

In such types of skirting different colors of dashboards are uses for skirting or we use paint on the skirting board to make it colorful. It is not so expensive.

Bullnose skirting

This type of skirting give you a great and attractive look and design for your room. One thing you that this bullnose skirting doesn’t need extra care it can be washes or cleaned easily. These are not so expensive also.

Plastered skirting

Plaster skirts donate uniqueness to your room. This skirting increases the prettiness of your room walls. You will have to plaster the wall first then fit the dashboards as skirting. It will also provide a premium look to your room.

Movable floor skirting

Movable means to slide one side or another. It also gives a premium look to your room. This type of skirting gives you a feel of innovation. It is so modern type and it works like a hidden locker at the bottom of your room, Where skirting is going to be done after installation you can see the result. This type of skirting is found in small city houses.

MDF skirting

MDF means Medium Density Fiberboard. Such type of dashboards is not so strong as well as not durable. It is a product of compressed fiber. MDF comes in different colors and design patterns in the market. It is so expensive but not so durable.

PVC skirting

PVC means polyvinyl chloride In the construction of any building, people use it in large quantities. It is known as vinyl. It is made up of plastic materials. This can be recolored by doing PVC skirting, and the gaps between floors and dividers can be filled up doing so will give a complete finish to your room.

Purposes of skirting

  • There can be many benefits of PVC skirting.
  • It delivers a fantastic view of your room.
  • It protects the bottom walls of your room which are attached to the floor.    
  • Dust and dirt don’t stick to the edge of the wall.
  • Skirting fills the gap between the floor and the wall.
  • It adds the four moons to your room.
  • While moping in the room saves your wall from any type of seepage.

Size and height of skirting

Here everything depends on your choice. you can do skirts in your house with 4 inches dashboards or 6 inches dashboards.

How to Install Skirting

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