What are Roof Eaves? Types and Cost

A warm welcome to all my dear readers who are reading this valuable article. This article is about Roof Eaves. Here we will know about what are roof eaves, and how roof eaves are too important for our houses or buildings. We spend a lot of money to make our buildings or houses beautiful. As you know that eaves are the parts of the roof that are formed outer side of the roof. Generally, every type of house contains eaves because they have roofs. To give an attractive look to our houses, roof eaves are formed. Next, we’ll discuss more Roof eaves.

cost of roof eves
What is roof Eaves


After molding the roof of any buildings or houses a fixed part (which may be 1 to 3 feet) of the roof remains left all around the roof. Which are called Roof eaves. Generally, it can be seen in the maximum structure of buildings or houses.

Eaves in architecture

In the sector of architecture, roof eaves keep of great importance. Do know that in past ages most of the houses were made up of mud., straw, bamboo, etc they are called kaccha houses. In Indian villages, you can still find these types of houses. When you see such house roofs you will find that their roofs are made up of thatch. In that type of house, roofs were remain left outside so that the rainwater couldn’t enter the house through the eaves. Sometimes we call it gutters also. Today we are doing the same thing in the modern age. We are making eaves for our house roofs.

What do you mean by Eaves?

As you know that there is an origin place for everything, just like the word “Eaves” is adopted from the ancient English ‘Efes’. Which means the eves (eaves) refer to the edge of the roof.

What are the parts of roof eaves?

Basically, there are two parts of roof eaves. Which are given below.

  1. Soffit    
  2. Fascia or Fascia Board

From where the word ‘Soffit’ is taken?

The word soffit origin of the place is Italy. It is an Italian word. In the Italian language, the soffit word is used as the soffit. Which means to fix something under the overhang or eaves.

What is Soffit?

Soffit is a very important part of any eaves. It provides security to the roofs. In the structure of any building or house, 1 or 2 feet part of the roof remains left towards the outside. You are thinking absolutely right that is Eaves and we set different types of soffits in the ceiling of the eaves as they are fixed horizontally. which are located outside or in the lower part of the eaves.

Soffits give protection to our roof eaves from the extreme humidity in different climate situations. When we add soffits in our roof eaves, it gives us the longest life span of the roof eaves.

How many types of soffits?

You can find many types of soffits. We are giving a list below.

  1. Vented soffit 
  2. Solid soffit 
  3. Hollow soffit 
  4. Wooden soffit
  5. Steel soffit 
  6. Fiber  cement soffit
  7. Vinyl soffit 
  8. Aluminum soffit 
  9. UPVC  soffit

What are vented soffits ?

We get ventilated soffits installed on the balcony. These are located horizontally on the roof line. Vented means to release air with the help of a Vent air goes out. In vented soffits, you can see very small holes are made, Which are used for ventilation. It helps you to keep your roofs cool. Vented soffits give an attractive and clean look to your roof.

What is a solid soffit?

You are not going to get any tiny holes in solid soffits. They are not made for ventilation. Solid soffits are hard and they make a hard sound. These are not going to ventilate your roof. Although they provide a proper look to the roof eaves.

What is Hollow soffit?

Hollow means empty. Such types of soffit boards are very costly but not more useful. We can’t fix it in our external roof eaves. These are totally blank from the inside. It is good for interior fitting. These soffits are the least weighted. This is not so durable.

What are wooden soffits?

Wooden soffit is made up of wood or plywood. Nowadays it is very demanding. Many builders and building honors are using such types of wooden soffits in their buildings and homes. This can be a great choice for all of us but it is going to be costly. It takes high maintenance cost when we replace it. There is one thing more about these wooden soffits they got defected in a few years by insects due to rainwater. So it is your choice whether you will use such types of soffits or not.

What are steel soffits?

Steel soffit provides a premium look to the roof eaves. We use steel paint to keep it safe. Its life increases after painting. This is made of GI (Galvanized steel sheet ). This type of steel sheet needs zinc coating. Steel soffits protect our roofs from all types of damage whether it is mechanical or climatic. Steel soffits are very strong. This can be expensive also. You can use it according to your budget.


If you look at the eaves of the roof. You’ll find that where the roof meets the exterior wall of the structure is called the roofline. Fascias are used to keep the eaves safe. Fascia or fascia boards are found on the edges of the roof. Fascias are fixed vertically on eaves. Which protects the soffit and keeps connections very well. It also supports the gutter which flows the rainwater in rainy seasons. It provides the complete finish and saves the roof eaves from any damage. One thing you must know is that fascia is installed with the soffits. Fascias can be seen directly from downward.

Different styles of roof eaves

Here is the list of various eaves styles.

  1. Close eaves
  2. Open eaves
  3. Abbreviated eaves
  4. Exposed eaves
  5. Soffit eaves
  6. Boxed in eaves 

What are closed eaves?

If you want, that no one can see your rafter, which is located on the roof then you must go for closed eaves. These types of leaf styles provide a unique finish to your house roofs.

What are Open eaves?

Open eaves don’t give us perfection. Such types of eaves style can not hide the rafters. By this roof looks imperfect and boring, when you see it from the downward.

What is Abbreviated eave?

Abbreviated eaves style provides security to our eaves from insects, heavy rains, and wind. abbreviated eaves are designed at the point of 90-degree curved or band.

What is Exposed eave?

‘Exposed’ means to show something. By using such types of eaves style you will give an invitation to insects like bees, wasps, and some birds to make their home under your roofs. Rafters of your roof eaves can be seen easily when you use an exposed eaves style. Nowadays no one is using these exposed eaves because this is so useless.

What is soffit eave?

In this modern age, most of the building honors are using these attractive soffit eaves. If you follow such type of eaves then roof rafters can be hidden easily. This type of soffit is too long and remains stuck with the eaves from outside. Soffits boards are fixed upright at an angle of 90 degrees.

What are boxed in eave?

As the name is showing its meaning. It looks completely like a box in the eaves. Boxed soffits are used to give a fantastic look and unique design to your home. Such types of soffits may be more costly, but they will hide everything in your eaves.

By using this soffits styles there is no fear of insects, rain, and other things. It is very protective. In these soffits, many boards are used to cover the rafters. You can’t see molding from the outside or downward. It is joined from all sides and meets at the angle of the roof pitch.

Advantages of roof eaves

There are so many advantages of roof eaves.

  • Roof eaves play an important role in houses or buildings.
  • it gives security to the rooms, windows, balconies, etc.
  • When it rains roof eaves stop the rainwater to fall up directly on the outer walls. By which wall of houses life increased by time.
  • Roof eaves provide exceptional support from the outside and control the moisture of the complete structure from all around.
  • Eaves provide unique architecture and design to the roofs.
  • To give a prosperous look to your house you all need to build an Eaves. It takes easy maintenance but from time to time you will have to give observation.

Disadvantages of roof eaves –

Some Disadvantage of roof eaves is given below.

  • If you use wooden soffits for your eaves then you will face some difficulties because it is less durable.
  • In eaves sometimes some insects make their home and this is very dreadful.
  • It is very necessary to observe the eaves regularly and this will take your time.
  • Installation of high-quality and designable soffits in eaves may be expensive and it can hit your pocket.

Installation cost of roof eaves

Installation costs may differ from place to place, But the average roof installation cost can be around $ 600 to $ 2200. This cost does not include labor costs. Labor costs can be $ 8  to $ 23 per linear foot.

Maintenance cost of roof eaves

All types of eaves need regular attention. If you want that your eaves fitting could run for a long time then you must give proper maintenance to them. You should check if there is any crack or leakage. If eaves damage then it will affect your house directly.

Replacement cost of roof eaves with different styles

  • Open leaves replacement cost is about $1000 to $ 2000.
  • Abbreviated eaves replacement cost is around $ 950 to $ 2050.
  • Soffits eaves replacement coat is about $ 1900 to $ 6500.
  • Boxes eaves replacement cost is about $ 2100 to $ 6800.
  • What is the replacement cost of eave according to their materials
  • Aluminum eaves need $ 25 – $ 31 per linear foot for replacement.
  • PVC eaves need $ 5 – $ 9 per linear foot for replacement.
  • Wooden eaves need $ 2- $ 7 linear feet for replacement.

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In this article, we have discussed a lot of things about roof eaves. I hope you must have got some knowledge. Now you will be understood how roof eaves are so important for us and how should we maintain roof eaves. If you want to get more knowledge about civil things please visit our page.

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