Types of wood used in construction

Here we are about to discuss what is wood and | Types of wood used in construction. It uses. In this article, we will give you more efficient knowledge about woods. Now a days people are using different types of wood in different types of constructions. Believe me, by reading this article you will be amazing. Let’s see…

What is wood?

This is a natural resource which not so renewable. Wood comes from trees. You can get many different types of wood from different types of trees. Maximum trees can’t be found in the same place. All types of trees can’t be grow in the same whether at any place. As you know there are various kinds of trees and they are found in different places.

What are the uses of tree wood

There can be various uses for wood.

  • From the ancient age to now wood are using in human life for different purposes.
  • All over the world wood consume to burn the fire and make food for livelihood.
  • For furniture, newspapers, magazines, books, and pages and to make many more things wood is used.
  • Woods are used for making railway sleepers, and bridges, establishing important pillaring, house making, making fence posts, in textiles mills, etc.
  • When we use wood in our house making. It helps us to remove carbon from the environment.
  • Wood can be the best material that reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Types of wood

There are different types of wood. We are going to describe them below.

1. Oak Wood

There are more than 600 other races of the oak tree found all over the world. Oak trees are found in Japan, North America, etc generally. The wood of this tree is very strong. Such types of trees look dense and tall. This tree contains high tannin which is very useful and protects the tree from any insects and jungle infections. It has a long life span. It is very bulky. When you do any carving in this wood then it is going to be difficult. It can be a very common type of hardwood.

Generally, there are can be two different colors of this wood. It can be read either white. Sometimes it looks black due to its barks. It is very useful for flooring and other furniture work. It is waterproof.

Oak Wood
Oak Wood

2. Pine Wood

It is the strongest wood type. Carving, cutting, and parering are very easy with this wood. In different types of construction work, pine tree wood is used. This is used for flooring, and to make frames for residential buildings or homes. These are also used in making decks for ships.

3. Bamboo Wood

You can see that it has rich and great shiny golden colors. This type of wood is made from bamboo. In the traditional construction of wood, bamboo is used mostly. It plays an eco-friendly environmental role. As you know that it is the natural vegetation. It gives you a premium look to your house decor and it can be a good choice for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.

Bamboo is the fastest-growing and longest species of grass in the world. It is found in India, Africa, and Asia commonly. India is 2nd largest producer of bamboo after China.

4. Akasa Wood

Akasa wood is an Australian tree. It has a deep Brown color. Such types of wood are so durable. Therefore people can use it in their houses. This can be used for furniture making like dining tables, interior joinery, dining benches, plywood, etc. It is also very strong.

5. Ash Wood

This type of wood looks shiny. It is very lightweight but it is so hard and durable also. Ashwood can be polished in many colors. It is also used for furniture, and floor making. The white ash tree is the source of this wood.

6. Balsa Wood

It is going to be the lightest and softest wood ever. We can recognize it as hardwood. It is mainly found in America. It is known as the fastest-growing tree wood also. Balsa wood is used to defend heat, vibration, and sound.

7. Beech Wood

This type of wood has not long life span. But it looks beautiful. It has a brown color with a red effect. Generally, Beach wood is used in Europe. It is also an example of hardwood and it is flexible. These are used for making cooking utensils. This can’t be used for heavy use. It is such resistance.

8. Cedar Wood

Cedar wood is commonly used for construction works. This is also used for normal furniture making. After using this type of wood you can get a pleasant appearance for your home. Cedar wood is so scented with protection against any type of fungus. As it has a great life span so it use for any type of weather conditions. It has various distinctive qualities. You can get more than 16 types of cedar wood all over the world.

9. Celtis Wood

It is also known as nettle trees or blackberries. It is found interlocked sometimes. Such types of tree wood are used for trims and interior joinery. This Celtis wood comes from deciduous trees.

10. Conifer wood

Such type of wood comes from the coniferous tree. It has cone-shaped leaves. Which is small but very sharp and shaped like an arrow. It has e yellow color and we use this type of wood for making boxes, papers, crates, etc.

11. Cherry Wood

We get Cherry wood from the cheery tree. In such types of tree wood, it is very easy to carve any design but there are some difficulties to make shapes. This wood has beautiful color attraction. With the help of this wood, we can create decorative items, furniture for our homes, etc.

12. Brazilian Mahogany Wood

Brazilian mahogany wood can be the best choice for any African wood comparatively. This wood is used for making many things like boats and furniture which are useful for our house as well as for making many instruments that are related to music.

13. Dahoma Wood

The source of this wood is a deciduous color. This is very hard wood. You can see a yellowish lining upon this wood which give us a dashing look. Such types of wood are used for the exterior. When you make decks, outdoor furniture, sleepers, timbers, and much more related to the wood you can use these types of wood.

14. Danta wood

You can find it in light pink and brownish color. The surface of this wood is very Bright. When you make decks, outdoor furniture, sleepers, timbers, and much more related to the wood you can use these types of wood.

15. Elm Wood

This wood is hard just like Oakwood. You can get this wood in creamy white and yellowish colors as well as with different tones. Elmwood is so durable. It is used for making board decks and also used for making furniture required for the home.

16. Green heartwood

It is one of the best wood known for making furniture, you know why because it has a long life span. This wood is not going to spoil by the insects soon. Such type of wood can be found in Guyana country. In large construction like bridge making or etc, this wood is used. It has an olive green and brown color.

17. Iroko Wood

Iroko wood found in the West African jungle. It is yellow and brown in color, and It is as strong as Nigerian teak. It is very durable. This wood can be use in many interior and exterior work in the area of construction.

18. Khaya wood

It is also found in the jungle of West Africa, and It has a similar appearance to mahogany wood. It is lightweight but strong, and It has a reddish-brown color.

19. Maple Wood

Maple wood found in Canada. When you stained it then it looks like a bright and unique color. It has white with some reddish brown color. It is hardwood.

20. Teak Wood

This type of wood is found in Thailand and Burma. It is a hardwood with golden and brown color. It is used for making furniture and many exterior and interior work in the area of construction.

21. Ligneous Wood

This type of wood has a light brown color. Such woods are very cheap. These are made of bamboo, bagasse, straw of cereal and flex, etc.

22. Meranti Wood

In this wood, you will get more flexibility. Such types of wood are used for residential utilization. Meranti wood is soft. Crafting, carving, and making different designs on this wood is easy. But by delivering proper attention this all thing should be done. It can be used for making furniture, windows, etc. It has a pale red or reddish/brown color.


As we know that how wood is important for construction. We have told you about many tree wood. Now you have to choose one for your construction. You can choose better for making lots of things like furniture etc. I hope we have given our best in this article about wood. From time to time we will update this article.

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