How to read measurement tape | What is measuring tape

Hey guys what’s up? I know everyone is waiting for a new topic. On your demand today we are going to tell you how to read measurement tape | What is measuring tape | What are inches and meter tape? What are Its uses? As you know when we construct any structure how measurements are necessary for us.

If we won’t measure our structure properly then all of you know what will happen. Without proper measurement, it may be that our dream house can collapse at any moment. So learn measurements without any delay. we are coming on our topic. Keep in touch for some time so that our message can reach you.

What is measuring tape?

It doesn’t matter which type of tape are you using for Measurement. The work of tape is to take measurements of any object. If you want to measure length, width, and height then you must need tape for all of this.

How to read measuring tape
How to read measuring tape

Who invented measuring tape?

The first measuring tape was invented by James Chesterman in 1829 and it was made of steel.

Types of measuring tape

Here you can see there are different types of tapes available In the market. You have to choose according to your need.

Steel tape

Such measuring tapes are made of steel. A thin belt of steel is used to prepare this tape. In this tape, about 6mm to 16 mm width can be seen. You can get this tape in 1m to 50 m long sizes. The sign of meters, decimeters, and centimeters are shown in this tape. If you want to measure the surface then it will be very helpful because it is not more flexible. It is used for the normalization of chains. It is also used in measurements of Tightening work.

Steel measuring tape
Steel measuring tape

Woven Metallic tape

It is just like linen tape but it is an improved version. This woven metallic tape has more life span than normal cloth tape. A light iron or bar ring is provided at the starting edge. By using this we pull the belt of the tape and measure the object. You can find this tape in different lengths like 2m to till 50m. These measuring tapes are used for survey work. Where minor errors are common.

Synthetic tape

This tape is used in place of steel tapes. These are very lightweight. Such types of tape are made using glass fiber with PVC. They are extremely used where railway tracks are spreading, electric fencing work is going on. This tape can not be used for perfect survey work is going on. These are available in 5m to 50m lengths.

Synthetic measuring tape
Synthetic measuring tape

Linen or Cloth tape

These tapes are made of linen cotton which is called Lenin or cloth tape. Such type of tape can shrink if any drop of water will fall on it. After falling water on it, this can be stretched more than our need and can’t give us an accurate measurement. These are also lightweight. These are not waterproof.

This tape is available in various lengths like 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, and as well 50m also. The width of this tape can be 12mm to till 16mm. The whole tape is packed in a metal or fiber round shape box which is easy to spin in a circle. Nowadays it is used for very simple measurements.

Invar tape

Invar measurement tape is made of mixed materials like steel and nickel. Steel quantity is used 60% while nickel is used 40%. Such type of tape doesn’t expand till 230℃ temperature. The coefficient of thermal expansion of the invar mixture is too low. So it doesn’t change after any change in temperature.

These types of tapes are used for perfect measurements like baseline surveys, triangulation surveys, etc. The cost of this type of tape is very high. Therefore this is the best tape of all tape. These tapes can be wide to 6mm. These are available in different lengths 20m to till 100m.

How to read a tape measure

Before measuring the tape you must have knowledge about some measurement terms. These are as follows.

10 MM = 1 CM or 1CM = 10 MM, in which CM means Centimeter and MM mean Millimeter. Do You know one thing Universal unit of engineering is MM or millimeter?

How many feet in 12 inches?

12 inches = 1 foot.

What is the symbol of inches?

The symbol of an inch is double prime ( ” ). We can write inch as “in or ins”.

What is the symbol of Foot?

Symbols of the foot are single prime ( ). We can write it as “ft“.

When you measure something then you can see that a very small bar or line is given between the digits in the tape. They are called millimeter signs. 1 small bar represents 1 mm (millimeter). This type of 10 bars or lines is given between two digits.

How to read the tape in inches?

Inch measurements are given in the Upper part of the tape. Where you can see that numbers are given some far.

1 inch = 2.54 cm or 1″ = 2.54 cm or 25.4 mm.

How to read the tape in CM?

Centimeter measurements are given in the lower part of the tape. Where you can see that numbers are given very near than upper side.

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In this article, we have tried to teach you how to read a measuring tape, what measuring tape is, and how many types of measuring tapes are. After reading this article you can read measuring tape properly.

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