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About us

Welcome to allcivilguide.com here; I will tell you about myself and why I started this blog.
About me:
My name is Rakesh Kumar, and I’m from Bilaspur Chhatisgarh; I have done my engineering in civil. And I’m a civil engineer by profession.

Why I started this blog:
It is about the days when I was in my college. When I was doing my engineering, it used to happen sometimes. I used to get engrossed in civil-related questions and used to find answers to those questions on the internet. But even after searching a lot, no satisfactory answer was found. At the same time, it came to my mind that more students like me would be searching for such answers on the internet. And this thing settled in my mind when my engineering was over. So I started looking for ways to make a blog on the internet, and then after learning all the things, I started this blog to help civil engineering students like myself. Because I have also done civil engineering, so I experienced the students’ problems. And in what kind of questions related to civil, students get confused, so keeping all these things in mind, I have created this blog.

What can you learn:
If you are a civil student, this site is just for you. And even if you are not a student, you can learn many things through this blog. These are the things that will come in handy in your life. You can learn all kinds of things related to civil from this blog. For example, you can learn about the bricks, sand, aggregate, cement, rods, and cement bricks used in any construction and many such things. And you can learn about calculating all these things in construction on this blog. And you should also know about all these calculations because when you get any construction done, you will be able to calculate your construction cost in advance.