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Hello everyone, how are you? I hope you will be enjoying very much by reading our blog posts. My dear today you just tell me. What is cost of 1000 sq ft concrete slab? What comes to your mind? Do you have any idea about cost of 1000 sq ft concrete slab? I know you have some knowledge about this topic. I also know that you all have visited here to know more. So today I will tell you about 1000 sq ft concrete slab cost in India as well as other countries. How much cost need to pour 1000 sq ft slab? Having known the cost of the concrete slab you can customize your budget according to your need. Ok now let me start and all of you please keep your eyes on…

What is concrete slab ?

A slab that is made using some mixtures like cement, aggregate, sand, steel, and water is called a concrete slab. These are used in building construction. For making roofs, and flooring we use concrete slabs. It has a definite structure and thickness. The concrete slab is a very hard material that covers the provides protection to the upper part of any house. We can see it like a roof. It can use horizontally or vertically so.

What is the M20 mix grade of concrete?

Before telling you anything about M20 mix grade, I will tell you what is concrete garde first. Actually, the concrete grade is a mathematical grade. Which tells us the power and strength of concrete. As you know that the strength of any concrete is depended upon the component which we mix to build concrete.

The concrete grade is fully dependent on a mixture of components like cement, sand, aggregate, steel, and water.

Now I will tell you about M20 mix grade of concrete. After 28 days the concrete must get its minimum strength. M 20 mix grade comes in the type of ordinary mix grade of concrete. It is also referres to as nominal mix grade. In such type of grade M is stand for concrete and 20 is just a mathematical number. Here I also want to tell you that M 20 mix grade consists 1:1.5:3 mixture of cement, sand, and aggregates.

How many types of bars used in the slab?

Do you know when we cast our roof slab, we use 2 types of steel bars? One is the Main steel bar and the other is the Cross steel bar.

What is main steel bar – These reinforcement bars are kept in the bottom part of the slab. These are placed in the tension zone of the slab also. The work of the main bars is to transfer the load to the support which is given for the concrete slab. It protects us from any type of bendings. If any temperature variation will happen then it will also save our slab from any cracking. Such types of bars are used in short directions. We use a higher diameter of steel bar as a main bar.

What is cross steel bar – It provides support to the structure of any building. Crossbar connects the all vertical posts of the slab. Cross bars spread horizontally. These bars provide stability to the superstructure. It is also called the distribution bars. These bars spread upon the main bars.

How much steel requires for 1000 sq ft concrete slab?

I will tell you how much steel required for 1000 sq ft slab. According to the thickness of 4″,5″,5.5″, and 6″ concrete slabs.

First, we are going to calculate the steel quantity of 4″ thick slab.

Given area = 1000sq ft, And the thickness of the slab is 4″ = 0.34 feet.

Now find the,

The volume of the slab = area of the slab ×  thickness of the slab = 1000 × 0.34 = 340 CFT.

Now after converting the cubic feet into cubic meters.

As you know, 1 Cubic meter = 35.31 cubic feet.

Because we have to change the CFT into CUM then we divide the 340 cubic feet by 35.31 cubic meters and we get,

340 ÷ 35.31 = 9.62 cubic meters this is the volume of the slab.

Thumb rule calculation for approximate quantity of steel slab = 80 kg cum to 90 kg cum.

Suppose firstly I have taken 80 kg cum

Quantity of steel = volume of slab × weight of steel

If 80 kg =  9.62 × 80 = 770 kg

If 90 kg = 9.62 × 90 = 865 kg

So now for casting a 1000 sq ft concrete slab we need 770 kg to 870 kg of steel.

What is the step of roof slab casting?

This is considered the toughest work in building construction. The casting of the slab should be perfect and accurate. This can be done with the best preplan.

First of all, you should check the framework. Which includes the support and sleeves. Which Should be fixed in a proper way.

After that everything should go according to the drawing. All the reinforcement bars have been fixed with a definite space. You should check it both vertically and horizontally. When the work of concrete filling is going on, then any unthodox moment can spoil your structure.

After casting the concrete slab curing must be done by the time.

RCC slab cost
1000 sq ft concrete slab cost

Cost of concrete slab for 1000 sq ft?

Suppose that the length, breadth, and height are 50′, 20′, and 4.5″ respectively.

First, we will find how much concrete is needed.

So, find the wet volume of concrete.

Volume of concrete = L × B × H

Length and breadth gave in feet so we have to change the value of 4.5″ into ft.

So, 4.5/12 = 0.375 ft.

Now find the wet volume of concrete = 50 × 20 × 0.375 = 375 cum.

As you know that the wet volume of concrete is less than the dry volume of concrete. Actually dry volume of concrete increased by 52 % more than the wet volume of concrete.

So increase the dry volume by 52 % = 375 × 52 / 100 = 195 CFT.

Now add this volume to the dry volume.

So, the dry volume = wet volume + increased volume
= 375 + 195 = 570 CFT.

Now I want to tell you that we use M20 grade mix concrete for building concrete slabs. And the mix ratio of M20 is 1:1.5:3 in which 1 is part cement, 1.5 is part of sand and 3 is part of the aggregate.

So the total part is = 1 + 1.5 + 3 = 5.5

How much cement requires for making 1000 sq ft concrete slab?

Now find the volume of cement.

Volume of cement = part of cement / total part of M 20 mix × dry volume.
= 1/5.5 × 570 = 106.63 CFT.

(Because the volume of 1 bag of cement is = 1.225 CFT.)

So, 106.63 ÷ 1.225 = 84.59 bags of cement will need for 1000 sq ft slab.

How much sand requires for making 1000 sq ft concrete slab?

Now find the volume of sand.

The volume of sand = part of sand / total part of M 20 mix × dry volume.
= 1.5/5.5×570 = 155.45 cubic feet.

Required aggregate for making 1000 sq ft concrete slab?

Now find the volume of aggregate.

The volume of aggregate = part of aggregate / total part of M 20 mix × dry volume.
= 3 × 5.5 × 570 = 310 cuf.

What will be the total cost of 1000 sq ft concrete slab?

Cement bag cost per bag = 340

Total no. Of bag needed = 84 × 340 = Rs 28560

Sand cost per cubic foot = Rs 45

We need about 155.45 × 45 = Rs 6995.25

Aggregate cost per CFT = Rs 50

We need about 310 CFT aggregate = 310 × 50 = Rs 15500

The cost of steel per kg is Rs 60

We need around 870 kg of steel = 870 × 70 = RS 60900

Now the total cost for casting a slab.

28560 + 6995 + 15500 + 60900 = Rs 111,955


In this article, we have told you about What will be the total cost of a 1000 sq ft concrete slab partially. If read then you will find everything. The data which is represented by us is appropriate data. You can calculate your cost according to your data.

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